So Papelbon is off to the Pen …..

The Papel-Bot

So Johnathan Papelbon is off to the bullpen …..AGAIN ! In a move that probably should not shock anyone in Red Sox nation but it suprised me. The reason I am so shocked is because all spring training , all offseason all you heard was Papelbon is in the rotation, we can’t risk his health yadda yadda . Well here we are on the cusp of opening day and he’s been sent to the pen. I think there was plenty of hope in that bullpen to find a closer , shit I think the by committee would have worked out.

The Red Sox have an abundance of bullpen pitching in the farm system and in the big leagues so I really don’t see the reason for this move when there hasn’t been a game played. If I had a choice I think I would have went with Delcarman , Hanseck , or Pinero. Tavarez is strictly a long relief guy in my opinion , he did well as a spot starter towards the end of the season last year, but he is no closer. So now that we have this all hashed out who will be the 5th starter ? We could start with Tavarez but honestly how long do you wanna tempt fate by having him start games ? The logical person would be John Lest but he is no where near ready , maybe Kyle Snyder ……… Hell I don’t know ! What I do know is I am ready for baseball to start!!!

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  1. firedannyainge

    Great blog. Enjoyed reading it:)

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