First Game of Spring Training


So yesterday or shall I say as I type I am able to catch my first Red Sox game of the spring ( thank God for Tivo ) uninterrupted no less. So while watching this game I was able to get my first complete look at Dice -K and I have to say the guy has some movement on his pitches. His fastball seems to peek at about 93/95 MPH but it explodes when it gets to the plate. Case in point 2nd inning on Gonzalez where he reaches back gets 93 on the gun and paints that outside corner for the K. You know what’s scary about Dice -K is that when he doesn’t have his best stuff he will still battle you refusing to give in which was totally evident in this game , 5IP 0ER 0H 5K’s 5BB thats impressive for someone that didn’t have it on this day.

Something bothered me about this game . Jason Varitek is a magician behind the plate but offensively he needs to pick it up this season. I know it’s spring training and all but you can’t stand at the plate waiting for your pitch all day. I know Red Sox Nation will crucify me for saying it but we need to start looking for a replacement, because Dougie Doug ain’t it ! Giving up that Baird kid to get Dougie back was just so over the top and uncalled for in my opinion. Sure he can catch the knuckleball but what else can he do ? Nothing !

I was impress with the Papel-bot and his performance but the rest of the pen stunk it up ! Craig Hansen ! I look for this to be a big season for the overhauled bullpen lots of additions that are gonna be expected to produce. I would say long relief is the biggest concern Pinero and Wakefield yeah but who else. Pinero may stink the joint up by continuing his decline . Hopefully that won’t be the case seeing as there is enough leadership in the bullpen to help out the youngsters.

Overall this was a decent game good pitching from both sides with the exception of Hansen. 4 more days and the season officially begins can you feel it ?

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