399 ?

The look on his face says it all … I wonder if I’m gonna have to pay for that , cause lets face it folks Eddie Griffin isn’t exactly making Denzel kinda $$$$$ .

Guess who is $1.5 million lighter , Eddie Griffin thats who. Eddie Griffin star of the yet to be released movie ” Redline ” was practicing for a charity racing event promoting the movie when he lost control of the $1.5million Ferarri Enzo crashing into a retaining wall. The vehicle belonged to the films executive producer Daniel Sadek , whose exotic car collection is featured in the movie. Now I am not a genius but something tells me Dennis Haysbert and Allstate are not gonna welcome you with open arms when you try to turn this in on their accident forgiveness program. Oh yeah did I mention Ferarri only made 400 of those vehicles for the entire planet?!?!?!

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  1. He could have always gave me that Ferrari before he wrecked it. I would have taken good care of it, haha.

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