Most Annoying…

Everyone has them , you know the player you love to hate. No one really has an insightful reason for their hate but it just pours out of them for that one player. I personally have a few players on the list and almost all of them have done nothing for me to legitimately hate them but I do , I’ll root against them and hope they tweak a hammy just for spite. There are those of you that will say I am mean spirited and a bad sportsman and to that I say ……. Hate , Hate , Hate.

The infamous list :

David Eckstein
1) David Eckstein : Why you ask ? Well the guy looks like he is 12 on the field wearing his dads 6 sizes to big batting helmet but thats not it. The biggest reason is the fact the guy sprints to first after being hit by a pitch or drawing a walk. Thats lame and any big leaguer who does it loses some point with me. Oh yeah did I mention he is neglecting his job with the other Elves in the tree over at Keebler ?

Garry Sheffield
2) Gary Sheffield : If I have to see this guy wag that bat one more time I’m gonna go crazy. I am just waiting for the day he wags it the wrong way and it smacks him in the back of the head.

Peyton Manning
3) Peyton Manning : Well this one should be obvious. I swear if he calls another audible and walks 10ft into the backfield I am gonna tackle his ass myself and send him to the hospital. Could you imagine if there was no play clock ?

Derek Jeter
4) Derek Jeter : This one is so obvious I was wondering if there was a point for putting him on the list. Jeter makes the list for 2 reasons. The first reason being he’s taking all the hot ass. Come on dude Jessica Biel , we had a thing until Captain Save a Hoe stepped in and monkeyed up the works. The second reason is that annoying half smile he has , yeah you know what I’m talking about ! Dude could pass for the twin brother of Lance Bass.

Albert Puljos
5) Albert Puljos : I am tired of this guy getting a free pass. When they went to the World Series last season you finally started to hear the stories on what a jerk he is to people. This guy gives the perception that he is all about the fans but that could be the furthest thing from the truth. I attended 8 games during the 2005 season and this guy came out the dugout once to sign autographs and that was only because the fans kept begging for him. Keep an eye on this guy in the 2007 season more stories will surface .


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3 responses to “Most Annoying…

  1. Haha. I would really defend Pujols and Eckstein (or make a poor attempt to in the least) but I’m going to save any sort of homer comments in saying some crap like “well Pujols is so tired after games” or any of that nonsesne. He’s not the best character in the league, but I would say he’s very far from being the worst. The rest of the guys in the Cards’ clubhouse love the guy for his lockerroom humor, and antics, as well his goofyness in the dugout sometimes. I’d say if I was Pujols, or any popular Major Leaguer, I would nearly turn into a hermit crab too, when it comes to autographs, if I had to put up with so many (fans/people in perspective). As for Eckstein, I feel ashamed to admit but that and the rest of the hating victims on your entry, I’ve had nothing but a few bits and chuckles of laughter. Nice post, though.

  2. Derek

    Yeah I would say Puljos is far from the worst but his name is starting to come up more and more. As for the Cardinals clubhouse they may love him but that is a very divided club house and thats coming from Brian Mckenna over on KFNS. Now he could be talking out his ass we’ll just have to see

  3. Jeter- Don’t hate him just cause you are jealous.

    Pujols- At least he doesn’t flip the bird to his fans a la Tejada, Bogut, and Vick.

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