And Our 5th is….Freddy Kruger ?

Julian Tavarez Freddy Kruger

It appears Freddy Kruger Julian Tavarez will be our number 5 starter this season. It’s strange but I am not to concerned about this because I know come May or June The Rocket will be back in a Rex Sox uniform faster than Michael Ervin can whip out his crack pipe. What can we expect from Tavarez ? I say we’ll get atleast 5 solid every start anything more than that well , you’re simply inviting disaster. Whats the best part about having Tavarez on the mound ? Thats easy , He’s crazy as all hell ! He’ll drill ya with a pitch and then walk with you to first base all the while punching you in the gut asking if you you like that buddy. He may not be the best pitcher but he’s crazy and crazy just might be enough to get it done.


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2 responses to “And Our 5th is….Freddy Kruger ?

  1. He sure has a temper, no doubt. Every time I think of Julian Tavarez, I think of the 2004 NLCS….phone punchin’ son of ah’ gun.

  2. firedannyainge

    He has a great personality. One game he was an inning away from pitching and he told Papi to hurry up and get a hit so he could go into the game and get his

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