Oh Where Have You Gone ?


Quick what’s the best baseball game out there for the consoles in the last 4 years ? Thats easy MVP Baseball 2005 . Since the release of that game I have been addicted to the EA sports title. It’s easy to play and Manny Ramirez is on the cover so whats not to like ? Ok I confess I haven’t played any of the other titles except for 2k6 , which sucked. Comparing the 2 games is like comparing a MAC to a Commodore 64 . Pointless right ? Well since the release of MVP 2005 which was a MLB game EA sports no longer produces the game in MLB format. In 2006 they release the same title but this time it was college. I gave it a try and it was about the same just college. The point I am making is this the 2k series of games completely disappoint from the graphics to the game play just awful. I wish EA sports would get back into the business of producing MLB games because lets face it EA sports produces the best games Madden , NBA, NHL , the list goes on …..Who feels me ?

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  1. Ever since EA took the NFL exclusive license, 2k Sports copied and took the MLB exclusive license for a little bit of “sour” payback. Anyhow, if you have an Xbox 360, you should check out MLB 2k7. It’s far improved from MLB 2k6. My biggest gripe, however, is the lineup glitch. I’m still fused that they haven’t fixed it. I was playing the Mets, and they had Jose Valentin leading off, with Jose Reyes batting 7th in the friggin’ lineup! Completely ridiculous. Also, the amounts of homeruns. There’s another glitch on mine, where Lance Berkman has around 120 homeruns thus far in my season. You can change the sliders, but sadly, the CPU has a glitch where it changes them back to default or glides around with them.

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