Predictions 2007

So it’s finally here baseball 2007 . Can you feel it ? I am so jacked up for this season I doubt I will be able to sleep tonight and the Red Sox don’t even play until Monday. I would say spring training was a success for the Sox. No major injuries to any of the big bats , they decided on a closer , Manny is still being Manny and Dice – K is the real deal.

As for the rest of the league I see things turning out like this :

AL East –

1) Red Sox – Yeah I know this is the obvious pick for me but I really believe it. The pitching is there and we have found a number five hitter. The biggest concerns for me are can Coco rebound , can Tek make it through the season without his late season drop off , and can Drew make it through an entire season ?

2) Yankees – The pitching just isn’t there I don’t care what they say. Wang is hurt and probably wont duplicate last year , Pavano has seen his best days pass him , Mussina is old and A-Rod is a head case that will preoccupy that club house. Now with all that being said they will still challenge because they have hitters from top to bottom.

3) Blue Jays – Same thing no pitching. Halliday can’t pitch everyday and Burnett is injury prone. Throw in the fact BJ Ryan is the only one in the pen worth a damn and you have a suspect staff. Now the upside is they have Vernon Wells and they did finish the season in 2nd last year so there may be a glimmer or light. By Glimmer I mean that little speck of dust floating in the air that about how much I am talking.

4) Baltimore – Pointless taking the field.No shot in hell their owner sucks and won’t spend money on anyone worth a damn. Look for Tejada and Mora to ask out by mid season.

AL Central :

1) Twins – They made that huge push at the end of the season which was huge. Johan Santana looks to be his usual self and will win 20 games + this season. The bad thing for the Twins is Santana , Hunter , Morneau ,and Cuddyer are all free agents along with several other players and no one is talking contract, especially in the case of Morneau. The Twins have the offense so if they can get off to a good start they will be at the top of the central this season.

2 ) Tigers – They added Gary Sheffield and have young dominant pitching. They were a few missteps away from winning it all last season. Leyland will have them ready to go again. Look for a mid season trade for another reliever maybe long relief especially if Nate Robertson is not healthy.

3) Chicago – They too made a run late but collapsed in the end. Made some questionable moves in the off season. They’re loaded with some bats and have a crazy manager so anything is possible with the White Sox. The biggest concern for them has to be pitching. Buehrle has to get back to form , Bobby Jenks needs to find his command and velocity and Contreras needs to start out like he did early last season and maintain it.

4) Cleveland – Don’t believe the hype just ye. This team is young but in 3 seasons I give them a chance. I can’t believe Trot Nixon took a 1 year deal to sit the bench there when Boston would have paid him the same money to do the same thing.

5) Royals : Uh the upside is they seem like they are gonna start to up the payroll. The down side is they are still the Royals and Alex Gordan can’t carry a whole team.

AL West :

1) Oakland : I say this because they have young talent that produce every season. Weather they are first year players or second year they’re always right there in the end.

Ok I am gonna be lazy now

NL Central – This one will go down to the wire again. Chicago has the offense but the pitching is not there once again. So the Cubs will slug it out. The Cards are in a different situation they have some pitching but it will take just one pitcher going down for things to turn very ugly. If Izzy goes down Wainright goes back to closer and maybe Thompson or Reyes step fill the slot. The only problem with that is Reyes is not ready I don’t care what he did in the series the kid is hit or miss he needs one more season. Thompson is a long reliever at best. I don’t see the Astros in contention the have even less pitching than the Cards and you don’t know what Lidge will do. The Reds are my dark horse in that division. This is the season for them I can feel it I think Jr is gonna stay healthy and the Hamilton kid is gonna pay huge dividends for them this season.

NL East – Mets don’t have the pitching ( seems to be a recurring theme this season throughout the league ) but definitely have the offense. The Braves need Hudson to return to form this season. The Braves have a young team and may contend.

NL West – Everyone is saying the Dodgers this season but who are we kidding that division is wide open every year. Zito will not make a difference for the Giants I thought he was the least talented of the three when he was in Oakland so I don’t expect big things out of him.

World Series : Red Sox VS. Dodgers ( Red Sox West ) Boston wins in 6 . You heard it hear first


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2 responses to “Predictions 2007

  1. Kevin

    So, just to point out logical inconsistencies…

    The Red Sox’ “pitching is there” and the Yankees’ pitching isn’t. Okay, that’s fine.

    Why isn’t the Yankees’ pitching there? Because Wang has a minor injury, “Pavano has seen his best days pass him”, and “Mussina is old”. Cool.

    Papelbon has a degenerative shoulder condition that could be reaggravated at any moment, Schilling and Wakefield are old, and both have seen their best days pass them. Beckett arguably has too (welcome to the AL, Josh!).

    So you can go ahead and pick the Red Sox to win the division. That’s fine. But find another reason, because saying the Yankees’ pitching is questionable, but that the Red Sox’ isn’t…well, that’s just stupid.

  2. Derek

    Dude they both have old pitching but the Yankees have older pitching. Look at it this way the Red Sox have more flexibility with their pitching. They can Pull from the minors and if absolutely needed they could pull Papelbon out and put him in the rotation.

    Should the Yankees lose a pitcher who are they gonna pull Hughes ? Come on man you Yankee fans just cant take it when you realize you have nothing. Your offense is dominant but you can’t get into a shoot out every single game . But hey thanks for the comment I mean that I respect your opinion

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