Cardinals Win Tank 1st Series of Season

 Cardinals Crappy outfield

I know it’s early in the season, well 3 games to be exact but come on. This is the team that is supposed to have that devastating offense yadda yadda and they get absolutely rocked by the New York Mets , ROCKED ! How do you get beat in your home opener when your the WS Champs ? How do you get beat on ring ceremony night ? How do you have the balls to go out the very next night and give the fans a goose egg ? Now I am not a Cardinals fan ( my girlfriend is ) so seeing this happen gives me great joy but come on this is horrible. What makes it worst is they have a jerk for a manager and won’t be held accountable for anything and if you try he just might kill you. Reporters in St.Louis give LaRussa a pass no one asks him the tough questions and that pisses me off. We’ll see what happens in Houston.

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One response to “Cardinals Win Tank 1st Series of Season

  1. Tony La Russa has a whole collection of wine, so it was only some time or another he was going to get tagged with a DUI with mixing it, or having just a little too much one night. As for the series, I have nothing more to say until Friday night.

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