New Addition to Most Annoying List

JoakimNoah Joakim Noah ?

Joakim Noah has secured himself on the most annoying athlete list. This guy was flying under the radar until his press conference during the final four. Aside from being not funny this guy is extremely funky looking kinda looks like the animals from the movie Tank Girl.

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One response to “New Addition to Most Annoying List

  1. I’ve said it all along. Haha. I agree with you 100%. Noah is a tranny. I mean, the guy talks like he’s from the ghetto, and he’s in college. He needs to make attempts to talk a little good english, though, right? The only thing I admire about him is his passion for the game. Any other time, when I see him on TV, holding half the mouthpiece out of his mouth, with the other half hanging on his lip, I just want to smack the shit out of him.

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