Red Sox Lose Season Opener Kansas City Hands Red Sox Wood Shed Beating In Opener

So the season opener is in the books and this post is a day late. I have to be honest I was pumped for this game. The only problem was I had to work. So on opening day 2007 the first baseball I saw was pieces of Yankees vs. Devil Rays and Reds vs. Cubs . I was just happy to be watching some baseball all be it the Yankees. I took a few things aways from both of those games as I readied for work.

1) Tampa Bay would be a semi decent team if they had some pitching outside Kazmir

2) Zambrano is a complete nut. I don’t know what it is about that guy but he just seems a little out there

3) Adam Dunn is a very large man. This guy should be in Wisconsin chopping down trees

Ok so the Red Sox got hammered by a team no one expects to even be close to winning anything in the next decade. Like I said I didn’t see the game even though I tivo’d the damn thing. I didn’t watch it because cingular sent me the score and like an idiot I looked before checking who sent it. In any case from what I saw in the highlights Schilling had nothing going for him and no one was hitting the ball. It’s ok though. My philosophy is this I’ll give them 5 games to get it together. I guess they are still in spring training mode and still working out the bugs of starting to hit the road and just the grind of a new season in general so they get a pass. Hey only 16 days till Red Sox / Yankees so please have you’re sh_t together by then please. Until then you can find me hanging out with these guys.

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