Red Sox On 1 Game Win Streak

Josh Beckett

The Red Sox won their first game of the season Wednesday against the Royals. Josh Beckett who was on the hill went 5IP with 1ER 4BB and5K’s. It seemed to be a very average outing for Beckett the 4 walks concern me but the big thing here is he didn’t give up any home runs. Beckett led the league last season dealing 36 long balls some will say it was because he was keeping the ball up in the zone others will say it’s because he refused to use that devastating curve. In either case I hoping he does the opposite of both this season.

Dice K

Ok Dice – K mania is officially set to kick off April 5 @ 2:10 p.m. ET in Kansas City. Is there anything more anticipated this season than Dice-K’s first start ? Some would argue Barry Bonds getting the record is but come on it’s Dice-K baby. This guy has a circus following him from the other side of the planet . I am gonna go out on a limb and predict 6IP 7K’s 4H 2Er and the win.

Check back tomorrow for a complete recap.


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2 responses to “Red Sox On 1 Game Win Streak

  1. Lets see how this guy (Dice-K) can hold up the media pressure, and left it on his shoulders and lasso around it like a rodeo. I’m excited to see him pitch in a regular season game, so I’m most definitely tuning into the game tomorrow to see what happens.

  2. firedannyainge

    He was great. KC or not he did a great job. I was impressed.

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