Dice-K Rings Up 10 In MLB Debut….. Thats 10k’s Haters !

Dice K

So the Dice-K era is off to a good start. I don’t want to toot my own horn but if you check my previous post I almost called his line for the day. Look I’ll say it right now ” I am not ready to give him the Cy Young award ” come on it is one game but you know what it’s the one game all the haters were saying he had to do all the amazing things he’s been hyped up to do and he showed and proved he belongs. First the haters say lets get him some MLB hitters then they say the Royals are a minor league team. Look there is no denying Dice-k’s talent you can’t deny it and we all know his biggest test will come later this month when the Yankees come to Fenway. This will go on all season even when he has 15 wins people will still say well he has to prove himself with some more ridiculous hurdles for him ….Uh he’s got to pitch in Fenway with a tiger chasing him around the infield I mean come on YANKEE FANS if he was in pin stripes your would be as excited as Red Sox Nation.

Overall the game went well Papelbon came in and sat 2 down for the save. The doubles where flying all over the place. Hey say what you want about Drew but if this guy stays healthy all season he is a legitimate candidate to challenge Papi for the RBI title . Who’s with me on that one ?

Tim Wakefield

Well the Sox will be traveling to Texas to play the Rangers and Timmy Wakifield will be getting his first start of the season. It will be interesting to see how Wakefield pitches after being injured last season. Timmy does not have to do to much for us this season. If we can get Lester back Timmy can go to the pen play long reliever and eat up innings which would be a huge help not to mention being in the bullpen with the youngsters keeping their minds right.


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2 responses to “Dice-K Rings Up 10 In MLB Debut….. Thats 10k’s Haters !

  1. That was a great game by Dice-K. There’s no question about it. Regardless of the opposing team being the Royals, it was his first regular season game in the United States against a full roster. Now if he can pitch anywhere close to this good against the New York Yankees, I’m a believer. Until then, I still think he has the talent to be great, but I’m still keeping my eye on that money the Sox offered him, and then looking back at how he’s doing. Lets see if he can pitch this consistent over time.

  2. firedannyainge

    Yankee fans are pretty bitter.lol

    I remember when they were supposed to be the high bidder, Every Yankee fan said he would be a great MLB player. As soon as we won the bid according to Yankee fans he was going to be a bust.


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