Boston Sports Have Bad Day

Victory Can Be Ours !!!!!

Well it seems we have a problem Beantown. They Red Sox have now lost 2 count’em 2 games to the Texas Rangers. On Friday the Sox got blanked 2-0. Tim Wakefield was on the hill he didn’t have a horrible performance 6IP 3H 4K’s 1ER 2R , he gave you six innings and kept it close not to mention he threw 95 pitches 65 for strikes. The problem with Fridays game was being 2 hit by Robinson Tejeda who is not exactly a household name.

Julian Tavarez

Saturday Julian “If I had my choice I would be a starter ” Tavarez got his first start of the season and proceeded to stink the joint up. You say how much did he stink it up Derek ? Well lets see what jumps off the stat page here 4.0IP 6H 5BB 4ER 4R oh yeah for giggles he had 3K’s. What does that get you ? The standard ERA of 9 , yeah 9! Now in a game that saw the Sox get beat 8-4, Youkilis tweak his ankle and the used of 7 Red Sox pitchers there are positives to be taken away. It seems as if some of the bats came alive cranking out 11 hits. All is not lost or even close to being lost kids trust me.

Today we got Shill on the hill with his astronomical 11.25ERA. Hopefully this start will not be a repeat of his Kansas City outing. Shill says he had no command in his last start and I can buy but I would say it was Opening Day jitters ( wishful thinking ) . After todays game the Sox finally make it home to Boston for the home opener. Nothing like the friendly confines of Fenway to get a winning streak going. They’ll be home for a 7 game home stand against the Mariners and Angels before hitting the road again for a 3 games against the Blue Jays. After the Blue Jays the Sox return to Fenway for the fist Yankee series of the season. Lets hope all kinks and timing have been worked out by then so they can pound the Yanks.

BC Eagles Hockey

On a completely different note the Boston College Eagles Hockey team was in the NCAA title game against the Michigan State Spartans and lost. This was the Eagles second year in the title game losing both times. I am no hockey fan but getting to the title games 2 seasons in a row has to count for something. All I remember about BC hockey was growing up hearing about the Bean Pot classic with BU and other area teams. Thats about the limits to my hockey knowledge so don’t come here asking for hockey talk sabotaging my blog.

And finally something to rise the spirits or something …….. Nothing like a Boston Girl to get ya in the mood

Red Sox Hottie


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2 responses to “Boston Sports Have Bad Day

  1. firedannyainge

    Sounds like my blog .lolonly I didn’t realize the BC game was last night and that we lost.

  2. jay jay

    Sox`s RULE yeah yeah……..

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