Tuesdays 10 Random Sports Thoughts

Here are just a few sports thoughts swirling around in the dome right now. I will be doing the Random Sports thoughts periodically feel free to jump in with your comments.

1) Barry Zito is not worth $125 Million. I am one of the people that believe this guy was not the best of the big three in Oakland. He wasn’t even the second best on that staff and I know I would be pushing it to say he wasn’t even third best. He has a good curveball thats it. He can’t bring the heat and he’s gonna lose you more games than he’ll win ya because when he is off he’s off big time.

2) Johnathan Papelbon is born again hard. Not to say he wasn’t before but this guy looked absolutely intimidating Sunday night. The looked in that kids eye is enough to make a grown man fear for his life when that 97MPH heater is coming at you.

3) Brad Lidge is gonna be on the move at the end of the season. This kid is having a mental break down or something but he needs a change of pace.

4) Why is Asante Samuel trying to ruin my summer ? Dude you’re gonna get paid relax. You are on a team that is super bowl bound every season ya got a ring and you’re gonna get another so whats the big deal. You know whats gonna piss me off even more if the Patriots win it all next season and this guy bolts for a truck load of cash to the Browns or team like that who has no chance at all of winning !

5) Ya heard it here first people Carpenter is done. It’s bone spurs in the elbow and it’s gonna require surgery that will either end his season or sideline him until a playoff run that may not come as a result. Good thing they forked over $65 million

6) Who knew Mike Hampton was still in baseball ? This guy is a complete fraud or made out of glass I’ll take glass. If I was the Braves owner I would file charges against him for thievery because he is stealing money.

7) The Don Imus story is getting really really really old right now.

8 ) Brady Quinn is not going to be an effective NFL quarterback. I just don’t think this kid has it I think he is all hype and the product of having a well connected head coach.

9) The NBA is no where near as entertaining as it used to be. I can’t even watch anymore and I used to love me some NBA and college basketball. Can’t watch that either.

10) Mike & Mike on EPSN radio has to be the lamest sports radio talk show on the air waves. If it was someone other than Greenberg in that seat the show might work.


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3 responses to “Tuesdays 10 Random Sports Thoughts

  1. David

    Maybe you compare your shitty Patriots to other teams….but the Browns you can not…Your own coordinator left your shitty team with a hack of a QB from a hack school to coach the Browns…

  2. Derek

    Dude are you serious ? Relax man you know and I know the Browns are going no where fast come on don’t be a disgruntled Browns fan

  3. David

    haha…it’s hard not to be disgruntled when you lost your team for a few years then haven’t been .500 since

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