Beckett Dominant in Home Opener Sox Dominate Mariners 14-3

 Fenway Opener

Another season has officially begun at the Historic Fenway Park for the Boston Red Sox. Today was the 2007 home opener for the Red Sox in a game played against the Seattle Mariners. For those of you out there not from Boston or just don’t get it. Boston is it when it comes to the pageantry and history of opening days in baseball. If I were to attempt explaining it I would not being doing the day justice. I know it’s gonna sound cliche but do yourself a favor and try to get tickets to a Fenway opener before you die if you’re a fan of the game. You will not regret one minute of it if you do.

Josh Beckett So on to the game. Josh Beckett was on the hill for the Sox and for the Mariners it was newly acquired Jeff Weaver who all but gift wrapped the win for the Sox. Beckett looked dominating on the hill today he went 7IP 1ER 1R 8K’s. For all the crap Beckett gets in the media about being hard headed he seems to have figured it out this season. The thing that stood out most today about Beckett was his Curve. He’s finally decided that he has a nasty Uncle Charlie and does not need to blow everyone away with a 98MPH heater. Case in point Ichiro . Beckett had Ichiro diving out of the batters box(do yourself a favor and catch SportsCenter)  with that curve he had no clue what was coming.

JD Drews First Fenway Blast

The bats came alive today to the tune of 14 hits and 14 runs. Everyone was hitting even Tek got in on the action 3hits 3RBI’s . J.D. Drew got his first Fenway homer one of many ( yes I was a nay sayer and yes I am changing my tune on Drew atleast until he comes up with a lame injury then I will mail him some kevlar ) . Coco got a hit but I still say he has to go. I don’t believe he will ever amount to what the Sox were hoping he would. I have a theory on what the Sox should do to rectify the situation. They should try and trade him after the season it’s that simple. He’s only owed $15.5 million through 2009 and Andruw Jones is gonna be a free agent at the end of the season. The Sox can’t afford to let Jones go to the Yankees next season although it maybe highly unlikely because they have Damon in center but you can’t put it pass them to try.  Some will say the Sox can’t afford it and to them I say NAY ! We will be saying good bye to Clement , Dougie , Willy Mo , Tavarez ,Timlin and possibly Wakefield. In any event I think we will have some room to be flexible next off season , but hey lets not get ahead of ourselves we still have 156 games left.

Matsuzaka will be on the hill tomorrow making his Fenway debut. From what I hear Ichiro has been waiting for this day for something like 7yrs because Dice-K has owned him in Japan. Anyways kids it’s another day worthy of calling in sick to work. Grab some friends hop on the T head down to Kenmore SQ and get drunk on good beer and watch Dice-K mow’em down.

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