Hernandez Dominates Sox In Matsuzaka Fenway Debut Sox Lose 3-0

Well the day finally arrived. Red Sox Nation had been waiting for this day since they found out the Red Sox bid $51 million for Dice-K. I was unable to see the game live but once again Tivo was able to bail me out. Got home grabbed some grub and headed straight for the couch and put the game on.

Dice-K pitch to Ichiro

Now the most hyped match-up of the game was supposed to be Matsuzaka vs. Ichiro . I have to be completely honest here but I am surprised Ichiro even stepped into the batters box after the ass whooping Beckett handed him yseterday. So on the first pitch of the game Matsuzaka deals Ichiro a curveball strike and the flash bulbs  go crazy. Dice-K looked ok for the most part he went 7IP 3R 3ER 8H 1BB 4K’s and had a pitch count of 103. He seemed to start the game with alot of breaking stuff mixing in his fastball later in the game in fact he hit 97MPH at one point. On the other side Felix Hernandez was outstanding he shutdown the Red Sox bats all game until the 8th when J.D. Drew came through with a single to break up the no-no.

Few observations I made during the game. Dustin Pedroia is not going to have a successful career in a Red Sox uniform if he doesn’t learn how to hit a baseball. I am not even sure Pedroia’s parents gave him permission to join the team. I swear Pedroia and Eckstein have to be the only Keebler Elves in baseball. I would actually rather see Alex Cora out there on the the field. Joel Pinero needs to go ! Everyone was talking about how good hit heat was but he has no command , he’s throwing balls in dirt. John Lester is going to be the savior of this staff when he returns and they are say possibly May 1. How awesome would that be ?

Red Sox & Mariners lock up again tomorrow Thu., April 12 @ 4:05 p.m. ET  . Washburn vs. Wakefield. Hopefully we can get Timmy some run support this time.

Oh yeah how awesome is this picture :

Parking around Fenway on Dice-K's first night

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One response to “Hernandez Dominates Sox In Matsuzaka Fenway Debut Sox Lose 3-0

  1. Caught the game at the opening of the bottom of the 8th, excited to see Felix pitch, Drew just made Hernandez’s perfect game fantasy crumble.

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