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As many of you have noticed I am a Red Sox fan. This blog is dedicated to Red Sox news and commentary. Feel free to comment and start discussions. Also attention all female Red Sox Fans!!! I would like to start a new post once a week Red Sox Hottie of the Day so if you have pictures of you in Hot Red Sox gear send em this way for the post. Probably do it Wednesdays or Fridays. Also any game photos you may have from the game of the that particular day send those too as I make most of my post in the early AM and I can’t find decent photos at that hour. Thats all I have for now please forward the site link on to other people thanks.


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2 responses to “Site News

  1. I’ll be sure to send in a pic of myself in my hottest Red Sox lingerie ASAP!

  2. Derek

    Larry they do drug test you at work right ?

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