It’s Gonna Happen ………But I’ll be Fishing

Barry Bonds
Look we all know it’s gonna happen he needs what like 19 homers to get the record. I am not a fan of Barry Bonds outside of having a few of his rookie cards I could care less about how this all goes down. When and if it happens is not the big question here. If he was or is on steroids isn’t even the big question. The big question is how are the historians , the upper echelon of the game gonna remember him. Look at it this way by the time my grand kids kids grow up Bonds will either be a speck on the page of history in baseball or known as the greatest hitter to ever pick up a bat. Only time will tell and thats the bottom line.

Barry Bonds


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3 responses to “It’s Gonna Happen ………But I’ll be Fishing

  1. I’m not a fan of Bonds at all, so anything I say that is relevant to him, is usually filled with a lot of blatant hatred. I think by the end of this decade, we will look back, and the majority of us will still surround questions around him. But what about the next generation of baseball fans, who will never get the chance to watch Bonds live? I think their initial reaction will follow whatever is fed to them by the media or from what they read in books, or what they hear.

  2. firedannyainge

    Barry Bonds has never been proven guilty of anything. I really don’t get why he gets nit picked to death but admitted cheaters like Sheffield and Giambi get a free reign (Look at Giambi’s arms? Why doesn’t anyone question him being on steroids?)

  3. Derek

    The difference with Barry Bonds is his arrogance in spite of mounting “circumstantial” evidence. Look I agree he has never tested positive and it very well maybe a witch hunt but Giambi and Sheffield have both come out and acknowledged their mistakes. Not to mention Bonds is one of the biggest Jerks in sports

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