Tim Wakefield Delivers 7 Strong Sox Pound Angels 10-1

Tim Wakefield

Once again Captain AARP has delivered. Tim Wakefield basically gave me the finger tonight and went out and pitched seven inning 1 run ball. Yes I said it was time for the Sox to consider letting him go and now I will eat my crow and sing his praises for now. Tim Wakefield is great I’ll agree . He can eat innings , a fan favorite and an overall nice guy from my standpoint. All that being said they guy goes out and gives his team what every pitcher should do , a shot to win. If that is one thing the Sox will need this season it’s a pitcher that will eat up those innings until you get to the Papelbot.

Dougie Doug

The Sox put up a ten spot against an other wise decent pitcher in John Lackey. The scariest part about the offensive explosion was the six spot they put up in the 8th. Who puts up six runs in the eighth? Who wants to guess the saddest part of the offensive explosion ? For those of you keeping score at home and said Dougie Doug’s homer give yourself a slap on the back. Yeah Doug goes deep in what his ninth AB of the season and Tek is yet to go deep. Now don’t get me wrong Red Sox Nation in no way an I insinuating Dougie is a better player not by a long shot. I am just pointing out the fact Tek has 5 hits in 25 plate appearances and it looks like he’s swinging a wet newspaper. Other highlights of the game included J.D. Drew continuing to prover everyone wrong with 2hits and 2RBI’s , oh yeah he also had an outfield assist. Coco , What can we say about Coco ? Sure he runs everything down in the field but a .121 average at the plate ? Are you kidding me ? This guy better get it together or he’ll be doing those Hood Ice Cream commercials for a living full time. We just gave him an extension last season right ?

Next Game: Sat., April 14 @ 3:55 p.m. ET TV: FOX | Radio: WRKO 680, WROL (Sp.)


0-0, 1.80




1-1, 4.91

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One response to “Tim Wakefield Delivers 7 Strong Sox Pound Angels 10-1

  1. firedannyainge


    I was at this game (It was sooo cold.lol) Doug Mirabelli was the hero of that game IMO and the people that gave him a standing Ovation at the game.

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