I Am Jackie Robinson

 Derek 1986

Thank you Jackie Robinson. At the age of 10 I was introduced to the game of baseball. I was living in Medford Massachusetts at the time. My best friend at the time was Chris he lived one street over and we pretty much played from sun up to sun down. Chris was white and despite the racial differences he and his family accepted me for me . One day Chris had baseball practice  and I tagged along  to watch. Now up until this point I had never played any type of organized sports so it was something different to see. While watching one of the coaches asked me if I wanted to play . I replied yes and it was the beginning of a love for sports that still burns deep today. I turned out to be a pretty good ball player. In retrospect now what happened that one April day in 1986 was something that would never have been considered had it not been for Jackie Robinson. So I say thank you Jackie for paying the price and paving the way so I too could enjoy the excitement and fun baseball has brought to everyone over the years despite their race.

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  1. That was a nice enjoyable thank you to Jack, very cool

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