Schilling On Track Red Sox Rained out Sunday

Curt Shilling

Curt Schilling turned in another outstanding performance against the Angels on Saturday. Holding the Angels scoreless Schilling went 8 innings only allowing 4 hits and 1 walk while striking out 4. On the other side of the game it was another offensive explosion 8 runs on 8 hits not to mention once again producing runs in the eighth inning (3 run homer for big Papi). This late game run production is something I am beginning to enjoy seeing. If the Sox can do this all season and do it when they are ahead it’s gonna be key when they are behind late in games to know they have the ability to get these runs.

Don’t get too excited just yet because Boston we do have a problem. Now I know we are 10 games into the season but it seriously has to be put the contingency plan in play time for the Sox with Coco Crisp. Coco is hitting a dismal .111 right now at some point they are gonna have to seriously start looking at Willy Mo Pena. This can’t continue all the way to the All Star break as I don’t think it will but one has to wonder. There is no doubt Coco is the getting it done in the field even though he has a water pistol for an arm but his batting is seriously lacking. Lets look at the candidates to replace Coco . Willy Mo Pena is the in house favorite. We all know Willy has pop in his bat that will only get better but his fielding skills are lacking somewhat but once again with some PT I think they will improve. The free agent class for center fielders at the end of this season is gonna be mighty thin. Carl Crawford maybe or Tori Hunter are names that come to mind but outside those names there are no feasible options. It looks like Theo is gonna have to make a late or off season trade to get it someone if Coco can’t get it going this season. Sundays game got rained out.


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3 responses to “Schilling On Track Red Sox Rained out Sunday

  1. joker7041

    Yankees are the best!!

  2. Derek

    Wow thats what I call offering something insightful to the conversation. On a side note guess what your entire pitching staff might be on it’s way to the disabled list

  3. joker7041

    my wife is the Yankee fan not I!

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