Where Did The Bats Go ?

Dice K goes out pitches 6innings giving up 2runs 2ER with 10K’s and walks and gets the loss ? I’m perplexed by the outcome of Tuesdays game. The Sox get 25 runs in a series against a far superior team in the Angels and only muster one run Tuesday. Granted Dice-K had a bad 4th and lost his composure for an inning and he is just as to blame but one RUN ! Are you Serious ? The best thing to come out of the game was the blast by Willy Mo Pena. How that thing landed in my back yard all the way from Toronto is beyond me. Thats all I got today pressed for time discuss amongst yourselves


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2 responses to “Where Did The Bats Go ?

  1. can’t tell me Wily Mo shouldn’t be in the lineup every day. he’s too good

  2. firedannyainge

    They showed up tonight:)

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