Coco Steps Up Captain Tek Gets Hot Sox Win In Thriller To Beat Yanks 7-6


The Red Sox won in the first of 3 games being played at Fenway this weekend against the Yankees. I was at work during this game but thank God for XM Radio and Tivo. Last night just showed and proved to all sports fans that this is the biggest rivalry in sports. These games whether they are in April , mid August , or October always live up to the hype and last nights game proved it.

Schilling did not have his best stuff last night but Tek kept his head in the game and settled him down. Schilling went 7innings with 5runs 5ER 8H 1BB and 5K’s. Schilling was pulled in favor of Romero who promptly came in and gave up 3hits and a run. I have to be honest I was listening to this game and I was just as stunned and deflated as the crowd at Fenway when A-Rod kept stepping in the box and delivering. Look I’m a Red Sox fan but I sure can appreciate what A-Rod in doing this season.


Look I don’t wanna toot my own horn but didn’t I say these eighth inning runs were gonna come in handy. This game was all but won in the eighth inning and then the magic happened. I have to give major props to Coco Crisp who it seems is finally delivering 2hits and the game tying RBI triple oh yeah lets toss in his hustle in the field and Coco is on his way to being that player the Sox had hoped he would be for the team. I was one of the nay sayers on Coco but for now he is safe. I’ll devote my attention to Pedroia now who is absolutely not getting it done at the plate at all and that can’t be a good thing when you have someone breathing down his neck who can get it done. I know he’s a rookie and we gotta cut him some slack but come on something has to give on this right ?

All in all this was an exciting game and even more exciting listening to it on the radio. More to come on the entire series in the next post.

Oh Yeah Hideki Okajima is not in a Sox uniform to make Matsuzaka comfortable . Dude can pitch look at your new mid relief guy or set up man.

Hideki Okajima

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One response to “Coco Steps Up Captain Tek Gets Hot Sox Win In Thriller To Beat Yanks 7-6

  1. Rob Mo

    Nice write up. Good point about Oki, he’s here because Theo saw how shut-down he was in Japan out of the ‘pen and knew he’d come in handy. Of course it helps that he and D-Mat were teammates for the Yomuri Giants, but that isn’t the only reason we grabbed him.

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