Bronx Beatdown Red Sox Win 11-4


Guess what kids the Red Sox beat down the Yankees again 11-4 in NYC to take game one of the three game set. I was listening to the game on XM while I was at work and had to suffer through the Yankee broadcasters the whole game. That is a experience I could go with out again but XM only uses the home teams broadcasters .

The Sox jumped out to an early lead in this one with a Youkilis 2 run homer in the third inning. All was well at that point Matsuzaka was doing fine until he hit a wall in the fourth inning walking 3 straight batters then giving up hits to Posada,Damon and Jeter which plated 4 runs for the Yankees. Whats funny during this time the Yankee broadcasters on the radio started talking about how AJ Burnett just owned the Yankees the night before and how much harder he was throwing the ball than Matsuzaka. Dice-K would get out of the inning being down 4-2. The following inning Pettite hit the very same wall walking four batter himself allowing the Sox to capitalize and plate 3 runs in the fifth. At that point the flood gates opened Lugo hit a homer , Pedroia put his bat on the ball and got a double , Coco even got in on the action.

So while the Sox where putting up runs the Yankees broadcasters started bring up how Clemens is gonna show up and save the day. Not gonna happen Clemens is not gonna go to a team that is gonna be 15 games out by the all star break and has a bullpen that can’t hold a lead. Want proof just go look at the box score of this game. Look you Yankee fans have to face the facts your team is hurting right now in a bad way. You have no pitching , the bullpen is crap outside of Rivera(maybe) , your big time hitters are slumping big time , and your manager just continues to sit on the bench with that blank look on his face.

Thats all I got for now check back for game 2 recap. Oh yeah John Lester 3 more rehab starts before the call up !

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One response to “Bronx Beatdown Red Sox Win 11-4

  1. Rob Mo

    This game was great… too bad we can’t be patient against a guy in Igawa who’s throwing the ball to the backstop.

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