Beckett Gets 6th Call Coco the Glove Sox Win 6-4


He’s on fire baby ! Josh Beckett became the first pitcher in the league to get 6 wins on the season beating Oakland 6-4. This is a new Josh Beckett we are seeing. He’s still the gladiator but he is controlling his emotions more this season. Last season Beckett would seem to melt down the minute a call didn’t go his way or if he gave up a long ball. This season he is Mr. Cool under pressure. Beckett went 7 innings giving up 6hits 3R/ER 2BB and 7K’s. What is helping Beckett this season is the fact he’s realized he doesn’t have to throw flames every single pitch. Beckett has been throwing the curve with authority this season just freezing batters at the plate.

Another observation I have made in this young season about the Sox is they are stealing bases and trying to bunt for hits. This is completely uncharacteristic for the Red Sox. The scary thing is they are winning games doing it. Can you imagine what a dangerous offense they will have when Manny and Papi start swinging for the fences ?

There are gonna have to be some roster moves made pretty soon to make room for incoming and outgoing players. Lester should be back by the end of May. He left his last rehab start for the Paw Sox only 63 pitches into the game with stiffness in his forearm. No biggie probably just a little fatigue still trying to build up his stamina. I think Dustin Pedroia may have to make the trip to Pawtucket because it’s just completely unfathomable that they let Cora languish on the bench. It’s not Pedroia’s fault I mean they only handed him 2nd base on the Boston Red Sox thats a lot of pressure for a rookie to handle.

Another COCO GEM

It looks like Coco Crisp is 100% recovered from his injury and is beginning to show flashes of the player the Sox thought they were getting. Did you see that catch he made tonight ? Unbelievable !!! Coco may have finally got the monkey off his back.

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