We Don’t Need Him


So Roger Clemens is going to the Yankees all over again. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t upset initially but then it dawned on me we really don’t need Roger Clemens. I am completely happy with the team we have on the field. Look having Clemens in Boston would have been great for the fans and the city no doubt but honestly how much would it have helped out the Sox ? John Lester is making awesome progress in Pawtucket and should be back by the end of the month. I’d take a younger John Lester who can go more than 5 or 6 innings than a Roger Clemens that would struggle to get through 6.

Personally I believe 100% that Roger’s decision was 100% money based. It’s obvious if he wanted a chance at another ring the logical choice was the Red Sox. The Sox put up the runs and have quality relief pitchers to get to the closer Papelbon. If Roger honestly thinks he can trust that bullpen in New York then he is sorely mistaken. Mike Myers , Scott Proctor, Luis Vizciano come on are you serious ? Roger Clemens had the chance to go to Boston and right something that went so wrong so many years ago. He had the chance to come full circle and win a ring where it all started in Boston. Terry Francona said it best I like our team and I like our chances without Clemens.  This move means nothing it’s a small band aide to fill a gaping wound in that Yankee team and George is trying to throw money at it again.

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One response to “We Don’t Need Him

  1. Rob Mo

    Psshhh, they can have him for 4.5 million a month. Tim Wakefield makes 4 million a year and his ERA is right where Clemens’ is always at.

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