Someone needs to drill this jackass !

Pujols admires another

Pujols admires another

I’ll come out and say this right off , I think Albert Pujols is a jerk and gets a free pass way to often. I’ve lived in St. Louis since 1996 but I am originally from Boston so I’m a life long Sox fan but don’t hold that against me cause I am a fan of the game first.

It’s like this I am tired of seeing Albert Pujols hit home runs watch it leave the park and flip his bat. Look we all know what he is doing is a huge no no in baseball but this guy gets a pass why ? Anyone else does this they get some stank eye from the pitcher or they get drilled the next time up that’s just the way the game is and has been since the beginning. I am not hating on Albert who is arguably the best player in the game but come am I the only one who is seeing what going on ? Someone needs to drill this jackass in the back and put him in his place !

Another Problem I have with Albert and this could go for the whole team is their lack of fan interaction. I think I’ve posted about this before but it needs repeating. I’ve been to roughly 10 games since the last season at the old bush stadium to now and have yet to see one superstar or mid level player come out and interact with the fans. My girlfriend is a huge Cardianls fan so we get to the park at least 2-3 hours early just for that reason and on every visit we leave disappointed. Pujols has not come out once for autographs and doesn’t even acknowledge the fans when he goes in and out the dugout pregame. How hard would it be to sign like 5 balls or whatever before going in the clubhouse and the 5 more on your way back out ? Most of these guys just mill around and talk to other players on the field pregame anyways .



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2 responses to “Someone needs to drill this jackass !

  1. Mike

    You’re an idiot. Do yourself a favor and make this your last blog. Your lack of intelligence is absolutely appalling. From the way you wrote this blog you come off as a real jackass who only cares about himself.

  2. Derek

    Mike you are entitled to your opinion as I am mine. The fact is this guy needs to be brought back down to earth. He shows up pitchers every time he hits a home run. If you have any doubts about that take a look at the homer he hit against the pirates tonight. They’re idiots for pitching to him so it’s their own fault. You’re a Cardianls fan aren’t you ? Dare I say typical Cardinal fan ? I can’t stand Cardinal fans almost as much as Yankee fans get over yourselves Cardinal fans your not in baseball heaven.

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