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Thats Right Kid The Sox Took Over Atlanta

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The Red Sox just continue to roll over the competition. The latest victim was the Atlanta Braves. As if it wasn’t bad enough Brave fans where being drown out by Red Sox fans in the stands. The Braves didn’t even have a chance it was 5 nothing after one and 7 nothing after two. The bright spot of this game aside from the 5 yes 5 homeruns was Coco Crisp continuing to improve at the plate. Coco went 2-5 with a homerun and 3 RBI’s……..only if Lugo would get going. You almost have to think he will considering Pedroia and Crisp have found the groove.

Thats all I got for now. I leave you with the above photo of the bat boy the Braves provided. That was his reaction after seeing Hinske go deep making the score 11-0 . I know I been slacking off but I am in the process of under taking a life altering task. I’ll share more about that in the weeks to come. Roger Who ! Go SOX !!


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Sox Continue To Roll Rangers Latest Beat Down Victims

Wow is there anything really to be said at this point ? The Red Sox are continuing to roll over everyone in their way without mercy. Over the weekend they swept the Texas Rangers in Texas to increase their lead in the east to 12.5 games. All of the haters out there can say it’s still early yadda, yadda but you know what the Yankees are not gonna catch the Sox. Look they are 12.5 games back and playing horrible baseball. The bullpen has been taxed to the max and that lineup full of all stars is not hitting the ball. To make matters worse for you Yankee fans is the wild card is a distant distant possibility at this point.

So what can we take from the Texas series ? Well lets see Manny is about to bust out on his routine year and Mike Lowell and Kevin Youkilis are continuing to produce at the plate. Toss in Coco playing some awesome defense in the field , Beckett coming off the DL and Pedroia gaining more confidence with every game and you got a team on a mission to take on and beat all comers.


2-1, 5.93




4-2, 3.94

Next Game: Mon., May 28 @ 7:05 p.m. ET
TV: NESN | Radio: WRKO 680, WROL (Sp.)

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Bare Witness To The Maturation Of Josh Beckett ………Sox Win 9-2

If I told you at the end of last season to shake off Josh Beckett’s league leading 36 homers allowed because he’ll be 7-0 before the end of May next season you would tell me to lay off the Meth. We are witnessing the future of pitching in baseball evolve. Josh Beckett the young Texan fire baller won his 7th game of the season last night North of the Border in Toronto. Beckett went 7innings 1ER/R 5hits 1BB and 5K’s the earned run being a homer by Alex Rios on the very first pitch of the game. I’ve said it in earlier posts about Beckett he is finally using his other pitches effectively and not trying to blow everyone away with a 97MPH heater.

Beckett wasn’t the only story of the night for the Sox. The Red Sox bats came alive again with home runs from Youkilis , Lowell , Varitek , and Pedroia YEAH PEDROIA ! I’ll say it again to the non believers out there because it needs repeating…..THE RED SOX ARE DOING THIS WITH A COLD MANNY AND PAPI ! Can you just imagine the run support once those two get going ? Hats off to Francona for the job he is doing this season. Roger WHO !

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Schilling Making It Hard For Sox Not To Offer New Deal………Sox Win 4-3


So on the same day Roger Clemens signs with the Yankees for reasons unknown money , Curt Schilling quietly went about his business earning his fourth win of the season. The Sox belted out 9 hits in the win against the Twins. I’ll tell ya what early in the season I was kinda hard on Coco and Pedroia ( the jury is still out ) but these guys are starting to step up their game. Pedroia had two doubles on the day and scored a run as well.

Schilling is making it hard for the Sox not to offer him a contract at the end of the season. His performance thus far has been very effective. I am sure there were some doubters out there and right rightfully so in his case. I know the season is still young but you have to be optimistic that if this keeps up Schilling will be in a Sox uniform for a couple more seasons.

The Sox will be in Toronto today playing those pesky Blue Jays in the first of a three game set. Beckett gets the ball today in search of his 7th win of the season. I’m telling ya Beckett has figured it out. It took him a season to get used to Fenway (not a pitchers ballpark) and the American League. Not to mention he is mixing his pitches up very well this season. Roger WHO !!!

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We Don’t Need Him


So Roger Clemens is going to the Yankees all over again. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t upset initially but then it dawned on me we really don’t need Roger Clemens. I am completely happy with the team we have on the field. Look having Clemens in Boston would have been great for the fans and the city no doubt but honestly how much would it have helped out the Sox ? John Lester is making awesome progress in Pawtucket and should be back by the end of the month. I’d take a younger John Lester who can go more than 5 or 6 innings than a Roger Clemens that would struggle to get through 6.

Personally I believe 100% that Roger’s decision was 100% money based. It’s obvious if he wanted a chance at another ring the logical choice was the Red Sox. The Sox put up the runs and have quality relief pitchers to get to the closer Papelbon. If Roger honestly thinks he can trust that bullpen in New York then he is sorely mistaken. Mike Myers , Scott Proctor, Luis Vizciano come on are you serious ? Roger Clemens had the chance to go to Boston and right something that went so wrong so many years ago. He had the chance to come full circle and win a ring where it all started in Boston. Terry Francona said it best I like our team and I like our chances without Clemens.  This move means nothing it’s a small band aide to fill a gaping wound in that Yankee team and George is trying to throw money at it again.

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Beckett Gets 6th Call Coco the Glove Sox Win 6-4


He’s on fire baby ! Josh Beckett became the first pitcher in the league to get 6 wins on the season beating Oakland 6-4. This is a new Josh Beckett we are seeing. He’s still the gladiator but he is controlling his emotions more this season. Last season Beckett would seem to melt down the minute a call didn’t go his way or if he gave up a long ball. This season he is Mr. Cool under pressure. Beckett went 7 innings giving up 6hits 3R/ER 2BB and 7K’s. What is helping Beckett this season is the fact he’s realized he doesn’t have to throw flames every single pitch. Beckett has been throwing the curve with authority this season just freezing batters at the plate.
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Bronx Beatdown Red Sox Win 11-4


Guess what kids the Red Sox beat down the Yankees again 11-4 in NYC to take game one of the three game set. I was listening to the game on XM while I was at work and had to suffer through the Yankee broadcasters the whole game. That is a experience I could go with out again but XM only uses the home teams broadcasters .

The Sox jumped out to an early lead in this one with a Youkilis 2 run homer in the third inning. All was well at that point Matsuzaka was doing fine until he hit a wall in the fourth inning walking 3 straight batters then giving up hits to Posada,Damon and Jeter which plated 4 runs for the Yankees. Whats funny during this time the Yankee broadcasters on the radio started talking about how AJ Burnett just owned the Yankees the night before and how much harder he was throwing the ball than Matsuzaka. Dice-K would get out of the inning being down 4-2. The following inning Pettite hit the very same wall walking four batter himself allowing the Sox to capitalize and plate 3 runs in the fifth. At that point the flood gates opened Lugo hit a homer , Pedroia put his bat on the ball and got a double , Coco even got in on the action.
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