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Sox Continue To Roll Rangers Latest Beat Down Victims

Wow is there anything really to be said at this point ? The Red Sox are continuing to roll over everyone in their way without mercy. Over the weekend they swept the Texas Rangers in Texas to increase their lead in the east to 12.5 games. All of the haters out there can say it’s still early yadda, yadda but you know what the Yankees are not gonna catch the Sox. Look they are 12.5 games back and playing horrible baseball. The bullpen has been taxed to the max and that lineup full of all stars is not hitting the ball. To make matters worse for you Yankee fans is the wild card is a distant distant possibility at this point.

So what can we take from the Texas series ? Well lets see Manny is about to bust out on his routine year and Mike Lowell and Kevin Youkilis are continuing to produce at the plate. Toss in Coco playing some awesome defense in the field , Beckett coming off the DL and Pedroia gaining more confidence with every game and you got a team on a mission to take on and beat all comers.


2-1, 5.93




4-2, 3.94

Next Game: Mon., May 28 @ 7:05 p.m. ET
TV: NESN | Radio: WRKO 680, WROL (Sp.)


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Bare Witness To The Maturation Of Josh Beckett ………Sox Win 9-2

If I told you at the end of last season to shake off Josh Beckett’s league leading 36 homers allowed because he’ll be 7-0 before the end of May next season you would tell me to lay off the Meth. We are witnessing the future of pitching in baseball evolve. Josh Beckett the young Texan fire baller won his 7th game of the season last night North of the Border in Toronto. Beckett went 7innings 1ER/R 5hits 1BB and 5K’s the earned run being a homer by Alex Rios on the very first pitch of the game. I’ve said it in earlier posts about Beckett he is finally using his other pitches effectively and not trying to blow everyone away with a 97MPH heater.

Beckett wasn’t the only story of the night for the Sox. The Red Sox bats came alive again with home runs from Youkilis , Lowell , Varitek , and Pedroia YEAH PEDROIA ! I’ll say it again to the non believers out there because it needs repeating…..THE RED SOX ARE DOING THIS WITH A COLD MANNY AND PAPI ! Can you just imagine the run support once those two get going ? Hats off to Francona for the job he is doing this season. Roger WHO !

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Sox Play Homerun Derby Win 7-6 And Sweep Yankees

Manny Ramirez

WOW ! Thats all I can really muster about the game tonight. I was supposed to go into work for some overtime tonight but something said stay home you already gave them 16hrs . So I stay home grab a seat on the couch to watch the game and began to put the hurting on a six pack of MGD……Hey I’m cutting back !

Tonight was the night everyone was really waiting for Dice-K’s first start against the hated Yankees at Fenway. How would he react ? Dice-K looked a little off kilter early in the game giving up early runs in the first and third innings. The Yankees were in this game most of the night even with the 4 count em 4 homers in a row by the Red Sox. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again ” The Yankees have NO PITCHING “. I’ve never heard of some of the guys they trotted out there this weekend. When you have to bring Andy Pettitte in to pitch an inning on Sunday after starting Friday thats a huge sign you have no pitching to include no bullpen.

Everyone was swinging a live bat tonight to include Pedroia……..Yeah Pedroia ! Everyone chipped in tonight one way or another. Weather it was Lugo getting walked 3 times or the homerun derby in the third inning everyone was putting the bat on the ball. Willy Mo went 0-FOR on the night with 3K’s. No biggie I say this is because of lack of at bats. We all know he’ll start sending them out on Lansdowne street in no time. The only problem with starting Willy is you sacrifice defense in the field. We’ll just have to see how everything turns out in center and at second. It’s a long season and we’re only in April.

Thats all I got for right now it was a great game 4 HOMERUNS !!!!

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Red Sox Hold The Line Avoid Sweep in Texas

Curt SchillingBig Papi

The Red Sox avoided a series sweep against the Texas Rangers Sunday night winning 3-2. Curt Schilling was on the mound and he looked great compared to his last start. Schilling appeared to have great command of his fastball but I could be completely wrong if you listen to the description Joe Morgan gave during the game on command and strike out pitching. In either case Schill looked good on the hill he went 6innings with 4hits 1ER 1R 1BB and 6K’s. Big Papi delivered all the Red Sox runs belting out 2 monster shots( solo blast in the first and another in the 3rd with 1 on ) giving the Sox the 3-2 win.

Few things I noticed during the game that concern me :

1) Despite Tek’s excellent game calling his bat seems to be on life support. We are gonna need production out of Tek at the plate this season. I would be happy with 20HR 70RBI…….. asking alot ?

2) Coco has got to go I don’t know what’s more annoying his completely unorthodox batting stance with the dancing fingers or the the feeling he thinks growing the afro will somehow help his anemic batting.

3) Are we gonna regret not keeping Mark Loretta or not getting a second baseman in the offseason ?

4) Manny is not hitting . I can live with this though because we know with all the uncertainties in life we know Manny will come through with 40HR and 120RBI just as sure as Danny Ainge will manage to Tank another draft for the Celtics.

Johnathan Papelbon

Is it or should Papelbon be the most feared closer in the game this season ? I mean it’s not even fair when he is out there on the hill. Case in point the 9th inning . Papelbon made Wilkerson look like he was just called up from A ball because he wasn’t even close on those first 2 pitches and completely frozen on the final pitch.Hey you know whats sounds good calling in to work with some lame excuse so I can watch the home opener. I suggest you do the same you’ll love me for the advise later.

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