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Leyland Do You Give A Shit Now ?

Dice-K First comeplete game

The Sox beat the Tigers 7-1 in Dice-K’s first complete game of his MLB career. The Sox taxed the Tigers for 15 hits in the game and 4 runs in the eighth inning. I really don’t have much to say on this game but I will point out a concern. J.D. Drew had 3K’s in this Game…..3!!! This can’t happen especially when Trot is over on the Indians hitting up a storm. Look I know Drew is a talented player but we can’t have him breaking down and going into a drought this early in the season. Thats all I got for now. 8 Games up and counting …..Roger Who !


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Lets Play Catch Up

Jays swept away

(BDD Photo Illustration / Meir Weinberg)

The Red Sox are on fire and arguably the best team in baseball. Calm down Brewer fans I am sipping some of your Kool-Aid. I think your story is great for baseball right now in light of all the controversies going on. Lets be honest here kids the Red Sox out right owned the Blue Jays this past week. It was almost to the point of being unfair and oh yeah I’ll mention it again we are doing it with our two biggest bats just starting to warm up. Yankee fans can say what they want but lets be real here they have a very outside chance of sniffing the playoffs and if they do it’s gonna be through the wild card and to be honest that may even pass them by because you almost have to expect the wild card team is gonna come out of that central division right ? I know the White Sox and the Twins are under achieving right now but the way they came on late last season leads me to believe it’s going to be the same this season. I just don’t think the Yankees have the pitching power to get them through the tough late season games when they are tight.

Dice-K seems to have found his control in Toronto. He still walked 3 but he didn’t have his normal 1 inning meltdown in the game so thats a positive. Look it’s going to take Dice-K an entire season to acclimate to this league not to mention pitching in Fenway Park. The same way it took Josh Beckett a year to get used to the American League and Fenway Park it has to be evident Dice-K will need the same acclimation timetable. All you baseball fans out there can say he’s a bust
he’s another Hideki Irabu ect , ect , but lets just put this in perspective. There were 2 big name Japanese pitcher signings in the off season Dice-K and Igawa ( Yankees ) Igawa is currently on the Yankees single A team so what does that tell you about who is the bust.

Red Sox played the first in a three game series against the O’s last night losing 6-3 . If Willy Mo Pena expects more playing time then he is gonna have to improve his fielding 100% because it’s awful. I know I was a big supporter of the sit Coco Let Willy play movement because of the Coco’s struggles at the plate but who knew that would me the circus would be in the outfield ? This guy needs to be in the outfield shagging fly balls during batting practice or something if he wants to see some more playing time.

Thats all I got for right now Sox are beating down the O’s right now 10-4

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Bronx Beatdown Red Sox Win 11-4


Guess what kids the Red Sox beat down the Yankees again 11-4 in NYC to take game one of the three game set. I was listening to the game on XM while I was at work and had to suffer through the Yankee broadcasters the whole game. That is a experience I could go with out again but XM only uses the home teams broadcasters .

The Sox jumped out to an early lead in this one with a Youkilis 2 run homer in the third inning. All was well at that point Matsuzaka was doing fine until he hit a wall in the fourth inning walking 3 straight batters then giving up hits to Posada,Damon and Jeter which plated 4 runs for the Yankees. Whats funny during this time the Yankee broadcasters on the radio started talking about how AJ Burnett just owned the Yankees the night before and how much harder he was throwing the ball than Matsuzaka. Dice-K would get out of the inning being down 4-2. The following inning Pettite hit the very same wall walking four batter himself allowing the Sox to capitalize and plate 3 runs in the fifth. At that point the flood gates opened Lugo hit a homer , Pedroia put his bat on the ball and got a double , Coco even got in on the action.
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Sox Play Homerun Derby Win 7-6 And Sweep Yankees

Manny Ramirez

WOW ! Thats all I can really muster about the game tonight. I was supposed to go into work for some overtime tonight but something said stay home you already gave them 16hrs . So I stay home grab a seat on the couch to watch the game and began to put the hurting on a six pack of MGD……Hey I’m cutting back !

Tonight was the night everyone was really waiting for Dice-K’s first start against the hated Yankees at Fenway. How would he react ? Dice-K looked a little off kilter early in the game giving up early runs in the first and third innings. The Yankees were in this game most of the night even with the 4 count em 4 homers in a row by the Red Sox. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again ” The Yankees have NO PITCHING “. I’ve never heard of some of the guys they trotted out there this weekend. When you have to bring Andy Pettitte in to pitch an inning on Sunday after starting Friday thats a huge sign you have no pitching to include no bullpen.

Everyone was swinging a live bat tonight to include Pedroia……..Yeah Pedroia ! Everyone chipped in tonight one way or another. Weather it was Lugo getting walked 3 times or the homerun derby in the third inning everyone was putting the bat on the ball. Willy Mo went 0-FOR on the night with 3K’s. No biggie I say this is because of lack of at bats. We all know he’ll start sending them out on Lansdowne street in no time. The only problem with starting Willy is you sacrifice defense in the field. We’ll just have to see how everything turns out in center and at second. It’s a long season and we’re only in April.

Thats all I got for right now it was a great game 4 HOMERUNS !!!!

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Where Did The Bats Go ?

Dice K goes out pitches 6innings giving up 2runs 2ER with 10K’s and walks and gets the loss ? I’m perplexed by the outcome of Tuesdays game. The Sox get 25 runs in a series against a far superior team in the Angels and only muster one run Tuesday. Granted Dice-K had a bad 4th and lost his composure for an inning and he is just as to blame but one RUN ! Are you Serious ? The best thing to come out of the game was the blast by Willy Mo Pena. How that thing landed in my back yard all the way from Toronto is beyond me. Thats all I got today pressed for time discuss amongst yourselves


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Hernandez Dominates Sox In Matsuzaka Fenway Debut Sox Lose 3-0

Well the day finally arrived. Red Sox Nation had been waiting for this day since they found out the Red Sox bid $51 million for Dice-K. I was unable to see the game live but once again Tivo was able to bail me out. Got home grabbed some grub and headed straight for the couch and put the game on.

Dice-K pitch to Ichiro

Now the most hyped match-up of the game was supposed to be Matsuzaka vs. Ichiro . I have to be completely honest here but I am surprised Ichiro even stepped into the batters box after the ass whooping Beckett handed him yseterday. So on the first pitch of the game Matsuzaka deals Ichiro a curveball strike and the flash bulbs  go crazy. Dice-K looked ok for the most part he went 7IP 3R 3ER 8H 1BB 4K’s and had a pitch count of 103. He seemed to start the game with alot of breaking stuff mixing in his fastball later in the game in fact he hit 97MPH at one point. On the other side Felix Hernandez was outstanding he shutdown the Red Sox bats all game until the 8th when J.D. Drew came through with a single to break up the no-no.

Few observations I made during the game. Dustin Pedroia is not going to have a successful career in a Red Sox uniform if he doesn’t learn how to hit a baseball. I am not even sure Pedroia’s parents gave him permission to join the team. I swear Pedroia and Eckstein have to be the only Keebler Elves in baseball. I would actually rather see Alex Cora out there on the the field. Joel Pinero needs to go ! Everyone was talking about how good hit heat was but he has no command , he’s throwing balls in dirt. John Lester is going to be the savior of this staff when he returns and they are say possibly May 1. How awesome would that be ?

Red Sox & Mariners lock up again tomorrow Thu., April 12 @ 4:05 p.m. ET  . Washburn vs. Wakefield. Hopefully we can get Timmy some run support this time.

Oh yeah how awesome is this picture :

Parking around Fenway on Dice-K's first night

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