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And Our 5th is….Freddy Kruger ?

Julian Tavarez Freddy Kruger

It appears Freddy Kruger Julian Tavarez will be our number 5 starter this season. It’s strange but I am not to concerned about this because I know come May or June The Rocket will be back in a Rex Sox uniform faster than Michael Ervin can whip out his crack pipe. What can we expect from Tavarez ? I say we’ll get atleast 5 solid every start anything more than that well , you’re simply inviting disaster. Whats the best part about having Tavarez on the mound ? Thats easy , He’s crazy as all hell ! He’ll drill ya with a pitch and then walk with you to first base all the while punching you in the gut asking if you you like that buddy. He may not be the best pitcher but he’s crazy and crazy just might be enough to get it done.



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LeBron Will Make It Rain Baby !

LeBron James Score NYC

So this past Wednesday the Cleavland Cavaliers got their ass’s handed to them while playing the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden. How Isiah Thomas got a contract extension is beyond be me but thats ca different post. So how do you celebrate a loss ? You need something to bring your spirits up right ? Well if your LeBron James you make it rain baby ! Lebron James took his teammates to Scores West topless bar in NYC . While at Scores Lebron is reported to have had a group of the girls doing table dances for well over three hours , while the champagne flowed until 4AM. You know why this story is significant ? Well thats simple , no one got shot and Lebron didn’t ask for his money back.

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Oh Where Have You Gone ?


Quick what’s the best baseball game out there for the consoles in the last 4 years ? Thats easy MVP Baseball 2005 . Since the release of that game I have been addicted to the EA sports title. It’s easy to play and Manny Ramirez is on the cover so whats not to like ? Ok I confess I haven’t played any of the other titles except for 2k6 , which sucked. Comparing the 2 games is like comparing a MAC to a Commodore 64 . Pointless right ? Well since the release of MVP 2005 which was a MLB game EA sports no longer produces the game in MLB format. In 2006 they release the same title but this time it was college. I gave it a try and it was about the same just college. The point I am making is this the 2k series of games completely disappoint from the graphics to the game play just awful. I wish EA sports would get back into the business of producing MLB games because lets face it EA sports produces the best games Madden , NBA, NHL , the list goes on …..Who feels me ?

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Most Annoying…

Everyone has them , you know the player you love to hate. No one really has an insightful reason for their hate but it just pours out of them for that one player. I personally have a few players on the list and almost all of them have done nothing for me to legitimately hate them but I do , I’ll root against them and hope they tweak a hammy just for spite. There are those of you that will say I am mean spirited and a bad sportsman and to that I say ……. Hate , Hate , Hate.

The infamous list :

David Eckstein
1) David Eckstein : Why you ask ? Well the guy looks like he is 12 on the field wearing his dads 6 sizes to big batting helmet but thats not it. The biggest reason is the fact the guy sprints to first after being hit by a pitch or drawing a walk. Thats lame and any big leaguer who does it loses some point with me. Oh yeah did I mention he is neglecting his job with the other Elves in the tree over at Keebler ?

Garry Sheffield
2) Gary Sheffield : If I have to see this guy wag that bat one more time I’m gonna go crazy. I am just waiting for the day he wags it the wrong way and it smacks him in the back of the head.

Peyton Manning
3) Peyton Manning : Well this one should be obvious. I swear if he calls another audible and walks 10ft into the backfield I am gonna tackle his ass myself and send him to the hospital. Could you imagine if there was no play clock ?

Derek Jeter
4) Derek Jeter : This one is so obvious I was wondering if there was a point for putting him on the list. Jeter makes the list for 2 reasons. The first reason being he’s taking all the hot ass. Come on dude Jessica Biel , we had a thing until Captain Save a Hoe stepped in and monkeyed up the works. The second reason is that annoying half smile he has , yeah you know what I’m talking about ! Dude could pass for the twin brother of Lance Bass.

Albert Puljos
5) Albert Puljos : I am tired of this guy getting a free pass. When they went to the World Series last season you finally started to hear the stories on what a jerk he is to people. This guy gives the perception that he is all about the fans but that could be the furthest thing from the truth. I attended 8 games during the 2005 season and this guy came out the dugout once to sign autographs and that was only because the fans kept begging for him. Keep an eye on this guy in the 2007 season more stories will surface .


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Andrew W.K. on the Red Sox ?

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Am I the only one who is noticing that Craig Hansen looks like Andrew W.K. out there on the mound ? I am just waiting for him to break out with the air guitar and star belting out Party Hard ! Hansen needs to get his command under control because he looked awful his last outing and thats why he is starting the season with the Paw Sox. Don’t get me wrong Hansen has a nice fastball but his command and mechanics are lacking in a huge way. He is landing with his left foot all over the place and it is throwing everything off. He’ll be ok as the season progress.

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399 ?

The look on his face says it all … I wonder if I’m gonna have to pay for that , cause lets face it folks Eddie Griffin isn’t exactly making Denzel kinda $$$$$ .

Guess who is $1.5 million lighter , Eddie Griffin thats who. Eddie Griffin star of the yet to be released movie ” Redline ” was practicing for a charity racing event promoting the movie when he lost control of the $1.5million Ferarri Enzo crashing into a retaining wall. The vehicle belonged to the films executive producer Daniel Sadek , whose exotic car collection is featured in the movie. Now I am not a genius but something tells me Dennis Haysbert and Allstate are not gonna welcome you with open arms when you try to turn this in on their accident forgiveness program. Oh yeah did I mention Ferarri only made 400 of those vehicles for the entire planet?!?!?!

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First Game of Spring Training


So yesterday or shall I say as I type I am able to catch my first Red Sox game of the spring ( thank God for Tivo ) uninterrupted no less. So while watching this game I was able to get my first complete look at Dice -K and I have to say the guy has some movement on his pitches. His fastball seems to peek at about 93/95 MPH but it explodes when it gets to the plate. Case in point 2nd inning on Gonzalez where he reaches back gets 93 on the gun and paints that outside corner for the K. You know what’s scary about Dice -K is that when he doesn’t have his best stuff he will still battle you refusing to give in which was totally evident in this game , 5IP 0ER 0H 5K’s 5BB thats impressive for someone that didn’t have it on this day.

Something bothered me about this game . Jason Varitek is a magician behind the plate but offensively he needs to pick it up this season. I know it’s spring training and all but you can’t stand at the plate waiting for your pitch all day. I know Red Sox Nation will crucify me for saying it but we need to start looking for a replacement, because Dougie Doug ain’t it ! Giving up that Baird kid to get Dougie back was just so over the top and uncalled for in my opinion. Sure he can catch the knuckleball but what else can he do ? Nothing !

I was impress with the Papel-bot and his performance but the rest of the pen stunk it up ! Craig Hansen ! I look for this to be a big season for the overhauled bullpen lots of additions that are gonna be expected to produce. I would say long relief is the biggest concern Pinero and Wakefield yeah but who else. Pinero may stink the joint up by continuing his decline . Hopefully that won’t be the case seeing as there is enough leadership in the bullpen to help out the youngsters.

Overall this was a decent game good pitching from both sides with the exception of Hansen. 4 more days and the season officially begins can you feel it ?

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